• Special edition!
OMOROL® Salty Snack 55S lipless "ELITE SERIES" (# ANCHOVY)
  • OMOROL® Salty Snack 55S lipless "ELITE SERIES" (# ANCHOVY)
  • OMOROL® Salty Snack 55S "ELITE SERIES" (# ANCHOVY) lipless & minnow
  • OMOROL® Trout & Salty Snack 55S "ELITE SERIES" - dettagli

OMOROL® Salty Snack 55S lipless "ELITE SERIES"

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"ELITE SERIES" is a special edition characterized by the use of even more detailed aluminium foils, and colors with holographic transparency effects. These last, unlike the holographic to which we are accustomed, reflect in the light of the sun in a not too invasive way, simulating a natural scales reflection both on the back and on the gill operculum.

FEATURES: 55 mm x 6 g (SINKING)

– Proudly Made in Italy – 


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OMOROL® Salty Snack 55S "lipless" is a sinking resin pencil bait 100% handcrafted, which reproduces for size and characteristics a small forage fish.

The sinking feature allows the bait to work at different depths and its characteristic "S" movement makes it suitable for attracting any type of marine predator on straight recoveries in still or slow waters, simulating a small fish that swims undisturbed.

The center of gravity is positioned in the middle of the lure and together with the flat sides allows to perform a very empathic rolling during the horizontal fall, reproducing the typical movement of a dying prey that falls towards the seabed.

The absence of lip and the slim shape ensure stability in flight, in order to make long and accurate casts. Details are very realistic and the painting is protected by an epoxy finish.

– Proudly Made in Italy –


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