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  • OMOROL® HammerJig #RED ZEBRA

OMOROL® HammerJig "ZEBRA" custom color

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OMOROL® HammerJig "ZEBRA" custom color is a special edition that reproduces a very effective color, characterized by the use of metallized paints alternated with white bands (no glow). For night fishing use, we recommend to purchase separately our OMOROL® Crystal Assist "GLOW".

– Proudly Made in Italy –

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OMOROL® HammerJig is a small casting jig 100% handmade reproducing in size and features a bait fish, irresistible prey for predators of all sizes.

The name of this lure comes from the fact that its internal lead core is meticulously crafted with hammer to get optimal shape and attitude in water.

Details are very accurate and the protection of the livery is ensured by an epoxy finish.

The center of gravity is concentrated in the back and along with the bullet shape allows this artificial to achieve considerable distances and play, while retrieving linear, the typical movement of a bait fish on the run.

On jerked or sawtooth recovery, instead, the HammerJig performs showy skids, producing strong flash by using reflective liveries.

On the drop, the lure follows an irregular line reproducing perfectly the flicker of a dying fish that falls to the bottom.

This metal jig is completed by a strong and reliable OMOROL® Crystal Assist, wich is handcrafted as well, that warrants easy and safe strikes.

– Proudly Made in Italy –

NOTE: our HammerJigs are designed to make the best used as they are. We do not recommend the use of hooks, trebles and assist hooks on the rear eye of the 5-7-10 grams models. If you want to use the rear eye, we suggest to prefer the 18 and 25 grams models.

Data sheet

OMOROL® Fishing
Metal jig
5g (3cm) / 7g (3,5cm) / 10g (4cm) / 18g (4,5cm) / 25g (5cm)
Fishing style
Light Spinning / Light Game / Light Shore Jigging / Micro jigging / Light Rock Fishing / Ajing
Assist hook
OMOROL® Crystal Assist: 5g (#4) / 7g (#3) / 10g (#2) / 18g (#1/0) / 25g (#2/0)
Split ring
OMOROL® Split Ring: 5g (4,0mm) / 7g (4,5mm) / 10g (4,5mm) / 18g (5,0mm) / 25g (5,0mm)
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