One Man, One Rod, One Lure.

From the motto that more than any other represents the true essence of fishing with lures it is born the idea of founding OMOROL® Fishing, the result of a great passion for lurefishing in all its aspects.

Our interest in craftsmanship and customization is the basis of constant research about techniques, materials, environments and prey.

All this is aimed at producing exclusive and quality products, which could meet the requirements of the most demanding anglers all over the world.

The story

“Every lure should have its own identity, in order to enrich the experience of every angler”. In this sentence, we enclose a concept very dear to us of OMOROL®, that is our commitment to make unique handcrafted products, that shoot down the technical and qualitative limits of industrial production.

The story of OMOROL takes hold from this concept and begins in 2014 when Alex Santoro, young recent graduate in economics and lure builder, decided that his next future would not have been behind the desk of an office, but in a workshop between sandpaper and airbrush to succeed in realizing something in the field he is most passionate about, and in which he had over time developed a good expertise: sport fishing.

Supported by his older brother Alan with whom he shares this passion and conscious of the sacrifice necessary to pursue this project, he devoted himself body and soul to the goal by choosing to concentrate experiments and research on those product categories and building techniques most often avoided due to the difficulty of realization or difficult availability of raw materials (such as making squid jigs, assists hooks and micro metal jigs).

In February 2015 it is founded the brand OMOROL: One Man, One Rod, One Lure and a year later is deposited for registration. Meanwhile OMOROL creations begin to be used among friends and anglers from near and far who leave opinions and advices on what to improve and new ideas to work on. Soon there is the opportunity to attend some national exhibitions as well, including “Lures Expo” in Ferrara and “Pescare Show” in Vicenza, during which the interest and curiosity about the OMOROL brand and its products keep growing.

Time goes on, the building technique is refined, fishing results are encouraging and horizons become wider: it’s time to organize production for sale. OMOROL become brand business at the dawn of 2017, focusing its efforts for the distribution of its products to the best fishing shops through the creation of a chain based on two fundamental pillars, that is quality and customization.

In 2018 the "OMOROL® Shop" online store was opened and, offering hundreds of products including different models and colors from the entire OMOROL® catalog, in the following years it became a reference point for lure fishing enthusiasts alongside other important fishing shop realities.

The rest of the story is yet to be written, the adventure of OMOROL® is just beginning, but we hope that even you who are reading can add a few lines to this tale with your catches and fishing satisfactions.

Alan & Alex Santoro