OMOROL® Spare Hooks (for Kiwi 35F)
  • OMOROL® Spare Hooks (for Kiwi 35F)
  • OMOROL® Spare Hooks (for Lucky 80SF)

OMOROL® Spare Hooks

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OMOROL® Spare Hooks are are the assists for rigging various lures from the OMOROL® and VALPHIS® catalog, for use in areas with a high risk of snagging, or to allow easier catch & release.  Hand crafted in Italy. 

– Proudly Made in Italy –


 #4 (4 PCS) : KIWI 35F -  BERRY 40F - TROUT & SALTY SNACK 55S 

 #1/0 (4 PCS) : LUCKY 80SF -  BERRY 80F - TROUT & SALTY SNACK 80S 

Size: #4 (4 pcs)
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